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Top 10 Best Beaches in the World of 2019 | Travel Guide for Travelers

Travelers need to know the best places to visit during their holidays. Some couples like to enjoy their honeymoon at world's famous places, some like to view natural beauty and some also like this beaches with natural beauty.

Every year many tourists visit world's top places to spend their holidays and make them so joyful and memorable. Real natural beauty of water, sky, sun and sand is gathered one places which called beach. Cool sun light, salty warm water and blue sky makes you so happy and calm.

Some beaches renowned for there natural beauty, water, other for their lovely female crowed, bars and hotels, casinos, other services and activities.

Many countries economy depends on their tourism activities on their beaches. And they are investing huge amount for maintain and development for beaches.

Evey year TripAdvisor gives its Travelers Choice best beaches awards on the tourists reviews and rating, gathered over one year period. Last time Clearwater Beach in Florida won award in the United States.

If you like sunbath, swimming, boat house, surfing or sipping Mai Tais, from Greece to Mexico, Bali to Bournemouth,, the best beach is out there to visit in your life.

There are many beaches in the world which are visited by tourists every year and they share experience on different forums like traveling websites, apps, discussion groups and blogs, which helps other tourists to find out the best and cheap place.

Here are the best beaches in the world of 2019. If you visited any beach please share your experience with us.

10- Seven Mile Beach (Negril, Jamaica)
This beach gets 10th position for the worlds best top 10 beaches of 2019. Negril is a beach resort town. This beach has dramatic sunsets, smooth white sand, and clear turquoise waters.

9- Playa Norte (Isla Mujeres, Mexico)
This Mexican beach is so popular place to spend your vacations. This beach is the on of the best beaches in all of Mexico. This beach got 9th position in this list for its beautiful white soft sand, blue water and palm tress to attract the tourists.

8- Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman)
According to Trip Advisor this beach is now only 5.5 miles long. It has clear waters, coral sands and lots of bars and restaurants for its visitors to joy their vacations.

7- Spiaggia dei Conigli (Lampedusa, Islands of Sicily)
This is spotted on the west side of the island of Lampedusa, which sits in the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia. The beach has lots of colorful fish. Best known for its amazing sand, blue water and cool breeze.

6- Clearwater Beach (Florida)
Clearwater Beach of Florida is best beach for families, with to do lost fun in this area. This beach known for its soft white sand, which draws visitors attraction every year.
This spot is best for jet-skiing, parasailing, and stand-up paddleboarding in its calm and clean green water.

5- Grace Bay Beach (Turks and Caicos)
This beach featuring with white sand, calm and clean water without any rocks and pollution. This beach is the hallmark of the Turks and Caicos Islands

The barrier reef gives an other beautiful natural look to Grace Bay Beach from strong Atlantic ocean swells.

4- La Concha Beach (San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain)
This beach has so many bars and worlds famous restaurants around it surroundings. This Spanish beach is easy accessible for visitors. The beautiful cresent-shapes urban beach is in the resort of San Sebastian.

3- Eagle Beach (Aruba)
This beautiful beach best known for there Divi Divi trees in Aruba. Eagle Beach is the widest beach in Aruba. It offers ample parking, shades tress, beach huts and a huge variety of water sports. You can also see the beautiful turtles.
Eagle Beach this most photographed beach in this world, which attracts the most visitors every year.
2- Varadero Beach (Cuba)
Resort town, Varadero is the one of the largest in Caribbean. This spot has less than a mile wide and about 12 miles long peninsula which make this beach so beautiful. With this Varadero has natural serves with virgin forests and beaches.
Varadero's best known for its white sandy beach which attracts millions of tourists every year. Along this beautiful beach has natural attractions including caves and a chain of easily-accessed virgin cays.

1- Baia do Sancho (Fernando de Noronha, Brazil)
A dizzying cliff descent in Brazil’s aquatic Eden. Baia do Sancho is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. This beautiful beach about 217 miles off the coast of Brazil. This is amazing paradise to visit in your life.
The isolate beach is worlds most famous place. You can get this spot by three sets of stairs built within the crack of rock formation. This beach best known for its marine life, beautiful crystal water and golden sand. Baia do Sanchois the is ideal place under water world to see cute turtles, colorful fish and stingrays.

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