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Top 10 Milk Producing Countries in The World

Do you have strong bones? You your healthy? Eating and drinking good diets? Do you like cow or buffalo milk?

Drink a glass of milk everyday for strong body and mind. Humans are drinking natural nutrition liquid since many centuries. It’s not easy to say that when its consumption was started. But mankind using this natural energy drink so many years ago with the cow. These days it’s just not a milk, but it is using in many food products. It’s also available in dry form.

Milk has many benefits for all ages of human. New born baby to hundred year old human need this for their best health. Apart from its being used in many products like cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cheese and many other bakery products.

Milk is rich with proteins, water, vitamins and minerals. Many companies are providing milk in packages after processing and remove harmful components and adding tasty flavors for build the best taste.

Dairy industry growing up so fast and it becomes a profitable business. Many countries are earning huge amount of money from this industry. Every country investing a huge amount for there people to increase their dairy farms and production with new technologies which will help to grow GDP.

There are many cow breeds that are giving too much milk everyday. So many countries are not just producing milk but also exporting to other countries. This industry is providing to many employment. Other business industry also growing up with are directly or indirectly attached with this industry.

Here is a short list of that top 10 countries which are rich in milk production with short description.

10- United Kingdom (13.9 Billion Kg)
 UK is the 10th most producer of cow's milk in worldwide in this list and at got 3rd position in the  European Union. But with the time there has been a 61% reducing in this number of diary farms only in UK.

9- Turkey (16.7 Billion Kgs)
With the improvement in local yields Turkey is gaining more production from it's cow. Country is exporting milk to EU. Turkish government takes so many step to grow up cow's milk production on domestic level.

8- New Zealand (18.9 Billion Kgs)

The island country has approximately 5 million dairy cows.  So many dairy farms are established in the North Island. The country not only exporting cow's milk but also exports other milk products like milk powder, butter, cheese, and cream to other countries all around the world. New Zealand is upgrading dairy technologies with climate changes.

7- France (23.7 Billion Kgs)
France not known for love and Eiffel Tower. Country got 7th position in this list for cow's milk production.  It has more than 3.6 million dairy cows, and a wide variety of cows' milk processing facilities. Most of the produced milk is converted into milk products like cheese and milk powder. France exports the huge amount of milk products to other countries and not consumed domestically.

6- Russia (30.3 Billion Kgs)
Russia still holds the 6th position in cows' milk and its products. Currently, the country is investing a large amount for substantially in developing better yielding breeds. Russian investors' are also investing to build the largest dairy farm in China to fulfill its increasing domestic demand for milk.

5. Germany (31.1 Billion Kgs)
Germany has more than 4.2 million dairy cows for milk production, Germany is at the top of the milk producers in the European Union, and the fifth in global market of dairy industry. However, Germany dairy industry is facing the challenges in seance of increasing land prices and a deficit of qualified laborers.

4- Brazil (34.3 Billion Kgs)
Dairy sector playing important role in Brazilian economy and its people. Brazilian Government is providing support to diary farmers to increases the milk production in small and big level. Dairy sector has strong Gujarat, Indian connection, as they have a large number of pure-breed ‘Gir’ cows. Dairy industry provide employment nearly to 1 Million Brazilians.

3- China (35.7 Billion Kgs)
The biggest goods production country in Asia got 3rd position in this list with their milk production. . It exports its cow's milk only to a few Asian countries. China is investing a huge amount to build nearly 100,000-cow dairy farms to export milk to Russia. According to speculations, the Chinese farm is three times bigger than the largest dairy farm in the United States of America.

2- India (60.6 Billion Kgs)
India is leading the Asia in cow's milk production with whopping 9.5 percent of the global cow's milk market. It got 2nd in this list. In terms of milk production from all mammalian species. An approximate 80 percent of the production comes from an unorganized sector of small farmers. The country has more than 130,000 dairy cooperative societies at the village level.

1- USA (91.3 Billion Kgs)
Now a days cows' milk production has increased by 1.76 liters per cow, the country is at number two globally in terms of all milk, but number one in cows' milk production, as in India is next to USA. USA has so many large scale farms of cows, in which many farmers have more than 15,000 cows each. However, many small farmers with less than 30 cows each which are contributing significantly role to produce cows' milk. Besides a massive domestic demand for cheese, milk, and other dairy products, the country also exports its cow milk and its milk products in large quantities to a large number of other countries all around the world as well.

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