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Top 10 Most Popular Sport in The World | World's Most Watched Sports Event of 2019

As you know that year ends and we enter the new year 2020 with more excitement and thrill in the sport grounds
There are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games in the world according to the World Sports Encyclopedia 2003. All games watch and played worldwide, but there are some games which got popularity in all over the world.
Sport is all about thriller, emotions, competition, and excitement not only for players and teammates but also for those who enjoy watching in stadium and TV. Nowadays sports comes to top profitable profession and business who are attached to this industry. It is supporting nations to collect ha huge amount of money to boost their economy.
As said that no game is equal to the other, and this world has many varieties of sports, played either for enjoyment or profession. You can rank those sports with their popularity, income, followers and most players, but in this article, we try to short the top list according to viewership.

Let's see the list of the world's top 10 most-watched sports games.
Table of Content

10- Golf (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
9- Rugby (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
8- Baseball (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
7- Basketball (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
6- Table Tennis (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
5- Volleyball (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
4- Tennis (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
3- Field Hockey (Estimated Viewers: ????????)
1- Football (Soccer) (Estimated Viewers:????????)
10- Golf (Estimated Viewers: 450 Million)
World widely renowned "Gentleman's Game" Golf is at 10th standing in this top list. This game is most popular among the business class. Almost every top business persons love Golf all around the world. This is a very relaxing and totally thrilling game at the same time.

9- Rugby (Estimated Viewers: 475 Million)
With the 475 million fans following this game got 9th position in this list. Its played in most of the European countries. This game demands too much physical strength. This sport involving 2 teams of 15 players each side. Rugby attracts a large audience looking for a good exciting match.

8- Baseball (Estimated Viewers: 500 Million)
This is the second most popular United States of American game got 8th standing in this list. Baseball has a huge fan following outside the USA and its neighborhood countries but almost all over the planet, especially in Asian county Japan. This game has lot of thrill and excitement for its fans.

7- Basketball (Estimated Viewers: 825 Million)
USA's most popular game Basketball got 7th position in this list with its fans viewers. This game was originated in the late 19th century by Massachusetts doctor, Dr. James Naismith.
In the modern world, Basketball evolved to be one of the highest-paid sports game in the world. Athletes who have mage their name in this game become billionaires and world-renowned celebrities. The billionaire Michael Jordan being a big example.

6- Table Tennis (Estimated Viewers: 875 Million)
This game just needs one table rather than big ground, got 6th position in this list.
This game is known by the comical name of 'Ping Pong'. This is such a simple game but is really exciting to watch and play. The game was made most memorable with the movie Forrest Gump in 1994. Watch this movie if you have not watched.

5- Volleyball (Estimated Viewers: 900 Million)
This is the product of the United States in the late 19th century, got 5th position. This game is bout to good players with physical, mental strength and activity. This is a simple and existed game. This game also played on the beach which is included in Beach Games.

4- Tennis (Estimated Viewers: 1 Billion)
A game with European origins has this 4th position in this list.
This first game to touch the 1 billion list in the number of fan viewers. This is the not team playing game like football, cricket and hockey. This game evolves the too much money and sponsorship. The tennis players become millionaires and billionaires if they perform well and got the right position at the right time.

3- Field Hockey (Estimated Viewers: 2 Billion)
The most popular Sport in the Commonwealth, Field Hockey got 3rd position in this list. This is the national game of Pakistan. But unfortunately, Pakistan goes far back in this sport in the country by poor performance in all tournaments.
This game played with a small ball and a specific stick in the special ground. This is the most popular game in Pakistan, Australia, India, and the Netherlands and they are the champions in the sport and their players are national heroes in their county.
Pakistan won the most world cup titles 4 times in history.

2- Cricket (Estimated Viewers: 2.5 Billion)
Cricket got 2nd position in this list. This sports event needs no introduction. This game has English origin and the national game of England. Who wins only one world this history of cricket. The first game was played between England and Australia.  In this modern world, cricket has achieved a huge part of fans from all over the world.
The cricket has the most popular formats like test cricket, One-day Cricket, T20 cricket, and T10 cricket. The ODI Cricket World cup event held every four years. And many countries start cricket leagues in their countries including foreign players, which make the most expensive global even all around the world.

1- Football (Soccer) (Estimated Viewers: 4 Billion)
The father of all sporting events in the world is Football stands 1st position in this list.
The Granddaddy of all sporting events around the world and most playing games all over the world. Football has its origins in dispute, some researchers say it started off in China while others argue that it has the Greeks and the Romans origin who came up with the game. But modern history traced that it has England origin.
This is the most-watched sports event around the world. During an event held anywhere in the world, stadiums are packed with fans. It is estimated that every second person on this planet is a football fan. Majorly because of the fact that it to easy to play the game with just a ball and some good ground.

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